Welcome to LnuGBTQ+

LnuGBTQ+ is an association for queer people studying at Linnaeus University. We want to want to create a safe and pleasant place for all people despite sexuality and gender identity. The association is still in its early stages, so this website will be subject to change. In the future, it will include a calendar of all events and various links to useful resources. At the moment the page is more or less empty and most of the activities are organized on the private Discord channel. If you are interested, follow us on instagram or join us via the discord link below.

About the organization

We started in the beginning of September 2022 by Alva Palmfeldt, Beatrice Wahlund and Iris Flystam as a half-baked idea.

However, we quickly realized that this was something that could have been interesting to others as well. After a quick Google search, we did not find any other organization at LNU that focused on queer students. Thus, we created LnuGBTQ+

The purpose of this association is to create a gathering place for LGBT/Queer students at Linnaeus University. This is both with physical gathering and via the internet using various channels such as Discord.



We organize various events such as movie and game nights. Info about these can be found on our instagram and Discord. Some smaller events such as BBQs and meetups are currently only announced on Discord.


Event Gallery

Current sitting boardmembers


Here, we've gathered a number of external links and resources that might be interesting or useful. Whether you're looking for additional information, support, or ways to get involved in the larger LGBTQ+ community, you may find these resources helpful.

Academic Resources

LGBTQ+ Support and Information

  • RFSL: The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Rights. RFSL works in a wide range of areas to support LGBTQ+ individuals and promote equality.
  • RFSU: The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education. A nonprofit organization for sexual education that promotes sexual health and rights.
  • Transammans: A non-governmental organization working towards full equality and inclusion for all trans people in Sweden.

Transgender specific resources

  • The Gender Dysphoria Bible: A great resource for those wanting to learn more about what gender dysphoria is, its symtoms and what to do about it.
  • Transformering: Information and support for trans people, people with personal trans experience and people who are reflecting on or questioning their gender identity or gender expression, regardless of age.

Mental Health Resources

Alot of these resources are in Swedish

Our social media

Our e-mailaddress is: info@lnugbtq.se
If you have any questions, feel free to send them there.

Statutes och meeting document

The association's statutes